Dental Health Experts have urged persons with dental trauma (physical injury to the teeth, gums, lips and tongue) to seek early intervention at the first point of getting injured.

Dental Trauma, said to be a global phenomenon usually occurs in children when they start growing their teeth and rarely in adult when they engage in some physical activities such as fighting or sporting.

Speaking on the Ultimate Health show, Dr. Maclean Okang made mention of some relevant steps individuals need to follow when they experience a broken tooth or teeth.

“Make sure to see the broken tooth in the mouth. Don’t pick a broken teeth by the root and make sure to keep it in saliva or saline solution, then you can head to see a dentist,” he said.

He also advised individuals who experience unusual toothache to visit their dentists for immediate attention.

Also on the show, Dr. Yaw Asamoah-Adu mentioned that people should desist from using the teeth as a form of opener for objects. This common practices by many he says, is extremely unhealthy for the teeth.

Dr. Norvishie Arkutu, another dental orthodontist indicated that it is essential for every individual to have a special dentist who renders them unique dental health services especially for emergency situations.

“Being registered with a dentist makes them responsible for you. It as well offers you the opportunity to special treatments in the case of emergencies. Adding that they have a rotary system to schedule special appointment to schedule on special occasions,” she stated.

During the show, the health experts made interesting revelations about protruding teeth, gap teeth and associate conditions that necessitate grinding teeth while asleep.

Below are some footages of the discussion: