The Yuletide brings to many expectations of goodwill and an opportunity to make sometimes very ambitious resolutions.

With few days to the celebration of the birth of Christ, most Ghanaians will be pondering on the best season’s wishes and resolutions.

For some patients who are due to be discharged at the Accra Psychiatric hospital, an opportunity to reunite with their families would be priceless as families reunite in celebration.

Joy News’ Komla Adom found some patients who have been abandoned for months and years who are waiting for their family members to come to their rescue and take them home. 

"My time was up to go home on April 4, and I am still waiting for someone to come and take me out. The nurses say my parents have been told to come and discharge me," one patient said.  

He said he has been hoping and praying for his parents to come and get him adding "the last time my father came and visited he promised coming to discharge me, it has been months and I am still waiting."

Another patient, a middle-aged man, said he wants society to accept them once they are discharged .

"I was admitted on July 15, this year, and I want to tell society that when someone is discharged from the psychiatric hospital, they should not treat the person differently from others. 

"It is a condition that can happen to anyone so when they bring the person to the hospital, they do not have to reject the person but keep visiting the person regularly. They have to make the person feel human," the teary patient said. 

A teenage patient told the reporter her family has abandoned her and she is praying that "God bless them to get financially sound so that they can visit me."

Meanwhile, the Evangel Heralds of Joy group of the Pentecost Church, Achimota District has donated items worth GH¢8,000 to the Accra Psychiatric Hospital to cushion management ahead of the Christmas festivities.

The items include toiletries, food items and some medical supplies. 


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