Drama unfolded at the Greater Accra Regional Tribunal premises when a middle aged woman collapsed after his son Kwabena Ebo, a labourer, was discharged by a court.

Ebo was before the court for allegedly possessing narcotic drugs but when the case was called he was discharged following the recommendation by the Attorney General’s Department.

Soon after the circuit court presided over by a High Court Judge, Mr Justice C.A Wilson, sitting with additional responsibility as Circuit Court Judge, had discharged Ebo, the woman in her ecstasy screamed out the name of his son in disbelief and collapsed.

It took court officials five minutes to resuscitate Ebo’s mother.

After regaining her consciousness, she defied the presence of the Court Clerk, Prison and Police Officers and attempted to move to where the trial judge was seated.

She was however prevented and when she was quizzed over her conduct she said she wanted to thank the judge for what he had done.

“I wanted to thank him and say God bless and keep him,” the woman said.

But the trial judge told her that he did not discharge the accused it was based on the recommendation of the A-G.

The fact of the Police was that for some time, the Police at Odorkor received information from authorities of the Accra Academy Senior High School about nefarious activities of drug peddlers invading a section of the school compound to disturb teaching and learning.

Based on that, a team of Policemen were dispatched to the school where a group of young men on seeing the Police took to their heels.

According to the Police the young men were chased and Ebo was arrested. When he was searched 29 wrappers of dried leaves suspected to be Indian hemp were found on him.

When the case docket was forwarded to the A-G’s Department, it noted that there were conflicting statements made by the arresting officer and the case investigator.

While the investigator stated that the dried leaves were recovered when a search was conducted on the accused, the arresting officer said the polythene bag containing the dried leaves was found when they were searching around the kiosk in which Ebo was sleeping and not on him (Ebo).

In the caution statement of Ebo, he maintained that at about 1:30pm he was lying asleep in a kiosk near Accra Academy Senior High School when some policemen opened the door of the kiosk and told him that he was under arrest.

Ebo added that one of the policemen was holding a black polythene bag and he (policeman) accused him of selling Indian hemp.

The offices of the AG said “no evidence has been found to link the suspect to the offence of possessing narcotic drug.”

Source: GNA


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