The fight against the phenomenon of landguard activities particularly in the nation’s capital, seems to be far from over.

This was disclosed by the Chairman of the Westhills Landlords and Residents Association, Mr Antwi Wiredu, during a communal exercise to clean up their community and also fix their bad roads.

He hinted that the Police Administration, through its Regional Command is fully aware of the various land issues the residents of Dunkonah had had to deal with particularly against a known estate developer and its surreptitious relationship with a State institution to wrestle portions of their land from owners of such lands.

Like many developing communities, the community also known as Westhills Redtop which is about a kilometer behind the Westhills Mall at Weija, is characterized by poor road network, armed robbery operations leading to incidents of car snatching, lack of portable water, poor security and sanitation challenges occasioned by absence of a dump site, among others.  

Antwi Wiredu

“Considering the many issues of land litigations, unlawful demolitions, unpleasant activities of landguards, among other concerns, it behoves on the security agencies to turn their attention to the community’s welfare and security concerns, among other development issues,” bemoaned the Chairman of the Association.

He expressed worry about the effects this is having on the community as there can hardly be any effective neighbourhood arrangements to protect residents security-wise.

Mr Antwi Wiredu used the opportunity to appeal to the Government Agencies tasked with the responsibility to streamline land issues to do so expeditiously as residents continue to live in perpetual fear.

He intimated ‘It is with a great concern to many a resident who cannot sleep in peace or attend to their daily economic activities due to the activities of these landguards who have been hired by various factions claiming ownership of the same stretches of land which the people of Ghanaian nationality have occupied legitimately’.

Dunkonah is an elite community of over 5,000 residents most of whom are middle to top class citizens of the country.