The Ranking Member on Energy Committee in Parliament has described the idea behind the E-levy taxation on MoMo as a lazy man’s economics to raise money.

Speaking on the floor of Parliament on Tuesday during the debate on the passing of the controversial Bill at the consideration stage, John Abdulai Jinapor said the taxing is “insensitiveness of the highest order”.

“MoMo is not about purchases and that is what the Ranking member said there are normally three levels of taxation what you earn, what you consume and then wealth that is property.

“If I send money to my son in school to take that money to buy books and you want to tax that, do you call that consumption?”

According to the Yapei Kusawgu MP, “even before the e-levy is passed, the government has already earmarked ¢242 million as E-levy transaction cost,” which he considers a problem.

He stated that the tax revenue as of 2021 was 55 billion, but government intends to increase it by 45 per cent to 80 billion in a single year.

He added the amount allotted for the U start programme is just 5.7% of total revenue expected from e-levy therefore Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta’s comment that e-levy would help in job creation is not entirely true.

“How can you tell the people of Ghana that you want to create jobs but when it comes to the allotment of those monies they don’t even get 10% percent of those monies. Mr Speaker, in my opinion this is deception of the highest order,” he said.

The Minority Group in Parliament, therefore, urged members of the Majority Group to stand with them to oppose the Electronic Transaction Levy.

Mr John Jinapor called on the Majority Caucus to “be bold, stand up, join us, and be counted.”

According to him, he is aware that some members are equally against Bill’s passage because they are worried about their constituents.

“What we [Minority] are looking at is very simple. Let me encourage the members of the Majority side; I know some of you have a big heart, I know some of you are not part of the insensitive group, I know some of you are concerned about your constituents to be bold, stand up and be counted…Mr Speaker, join us to say no MoMo taxation,” he called on the NPP MPs.

In his concluding remarks, Mr Jinapor entreated Finance Minister Ken Ofori-Atta to back up his biblical references with “action, principles, programs, and progress.”

“Mr Finance Minister, managing this economy is not just about quoting bible verses to us. Thank you very much for your bible quotation,” he said.