Unlike the sober mood that characterised most church services on Good Friday, the joy of the resurrection on Sunday of Jesus Christ from the dead was heralded with dancing and singing of Hallelujah choruses by believers in the Catholic faith who worshipped at the Holy Spirit Cathedral in Accra.

Dressed mostly in white clothes, signifying victory in the Ghanaian tradition, the worshippers sang joyfully to show their appreciation to God for reconciling man to Himself through the crucifixion, burial and the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

In his sermon, Archbishop Charles Palmer Buckle, Archbishop of Accra, asked Christians to emulate Jesus Christ and be mindful of the priceless cost of His death just to save humankind from its sinful nature.

“We must be living witnesses of the Gospel that Christ came to preach and be like salt which adds flavour and give energy to and like light; to lead the lost to the truth and like the new yeast; to stop every corruption in the ‘body’ of those who believe in the Gospel of Jesus,” he said.

The Archbishop stressed that it was required of Christians to be good leaders wherever they were and exhibit the qualities of truthfulness, zeal, love, transparency, sincerity, selflessness and commitment to work to ensure their development as well as that of the nation.

He said though Ghana was blessed with riches that other nations did not posses, she was still wobbling and yet to find its treasures due to lack of truthfulness, moral breakdown of society as well as the selfish ambition of most people in leadership positions.

Archbishop Palmer Buckle, holding a miniature Ghana flag, said the world looked up to Christians for good leadership qualities, moral repair of society and a direction to the path of righteousness through reconciliation with one another.

He called on all Ghanaians to be proud of their country and contribute to its development.


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