The Electricity Company of Ghana is celebrating its 4th National safety week in Cape Coast. The celebration is to create staff awareness about health and safety issues.

Speaking at the launch of the week, the Managing Director of ECG, Robert Dwamena asked the staff of the company to adhere to strict safety guidelines to avert operational accident and deaths.

According to him, the rate of operational accidents involving workers of the company is on the increase. He called on workers to take precautionary measures as they strive to lift up the image of the company.

“This year alone, we have over a dozen operational accidents. One person has so far died out of these accidents. Our workers ought to be careful. They need to stick strictly to the safety guidelines to avert further accidents that can claim the lives of our workers”

Robert Dwamena also asked the general public to exercise restraint in their dealings with the workers of the company.  He averred that many families of the staff of ECG are affected as a result of the barrage of the insults poured on the workers at their work places.

“Our workers are stressed both at home and at their work places. They work their hearts and minds out to ensure that we get what we need but most of the time, we don’t appreciate what they do for us. Some of them have marital and domestic problems because their jobs take them away for a considerable number of hours.”

The managing director of the company is thus asking the workers to undertake regular exercises to reduce stress.

The National safety week of the Electricity Company of Ghana brought together a number of safety awareness campaigners who took workers of the company through a number of safety protocols.