The Director of the Road Safety Department at the Ghana Highway Authority, Mr. Joe-Fred Peseo has promised increased education of the public on automated toll booth systems.

This is geared towards increasing the numbers of road users who employ this new system of toll collection, thereby reducing traffic congestion at toll booths.

Speaking in an interview on Joy FM’s Super Morning show, Mr. Peseo blamed the slow ‘pick-up’ of the automated toll system, also known as the “E-zone”, on poor advertisement.

He therefore assured the public that efforts were being made to increase accessibility to E-cards by decentralizing their distribution points.

Mr. Victor Awume, representing Angel Data and Telecom systems, a company that runs the E-zone tool booths, told Joy FM that a website would soon be launched to allow people to easily sign up for E-cards.

People will also be able to purchase rechargeable E-cards at filling stations and at toll booths.

“More people understand the automated system better and this is the best time to reinforce its publicity” added Mr. Awume.

Mr. Peseo also mentioned that additional toll booths on the Tema motorway and the Kasoa highway were being constructed to improve the flow of traffic at their respective toll stations.

E-card forms can picked up at the toll booths, the Highways office and the Road Funds Office, he said.