The National Youth Authority (NYA) has urged Ghanaian youth to embrace the virtue of sacrifice as echoed by the theme for this year's Eid al-Adha celebration.

Deputy NYA CEO Bright Acheampong in a statement Friday, stressed youth is "a period of sacrificing immediate gratification for a better and fulfilling future".

While wishing Muslims well on the religious holiday, the Authority expressed concern about the get-rich-quick culture that it believes is creeping into the Ghanaian society.

The Authority said the template for success does not change for any generation irrespective of advancements in technology and knowledge.

"It is always, hardwork, determination and patience", the statement said.

The Authority encouraged young people to desist from social vices such as illegal mining, cyber crimes, and the temptation to join others to embark on dangerous migration in search of greener pasture.

The NYA encouraged the youth to focus this period of greater productive capacity into meaningful ventures.

It praised Ghanaian youth who have taken advantage of government's Planting for Food and Jobs programme and others to create many jobs in the country.

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On the occasion of the 2017 Eid al-Adha celebrations, the National Youth Authority would like to congratulate all Muslim youth for reaching another milestone in the practice of Islam.

The Authority finds great inspiration from the Eid al-Adha celebrations because the meaning of the festivities resonates with all youths living everywhere irrespective of their faith.

That Eid al-Adha which translates as the “festival of the sacrifice”, should speak to the youth of Ghana, the cherished virtues of sacrifice and devotion.

As youths, this is the period of productivity. It is a time for sacrificing immediate gratification for a better and fulfilling future.

No matter the level of technological advancement and increased knowledge, the virtues of hardwork, determination and patience are the unshakable principles of lasting success.

The Authority would encourage the youth of this country to re-examine their lives, reject the creeping get-rich-quick attitude and focus.

The Authority would urge the youth to play a role in dissuading others from seeing cyber crime, illegal migration and illegal mining as a quick way out.

We want to praise the thousands of youths who have signed up for the NPP government's Planting for Food and Jobs and congratulate young entrepreneurs who are making a living out of their own persistence and creativity.

Young people of Ghana, find those who have made it the right way, imitate their habits and improve upon yourselves.

The National Youth Authority remains committed to engaging Ghanaian youth to produce an empowered generation fit for the praise of posterity.



Deputy CEO, National Youth Authority

Bright Acheampong.


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