A swift intervention by police and fire personnel prevented irate residents of Ejisu-Jamasi in Ashanti Region, from completely burning a residential building, Monday night.

Angry members of the community suspect some nationals of Benin who occupy the four-bedroom house are behind the recent spate of killings in the area.

The fire left one of the rooms badly torched with ceiling completely burnt.

The latest is last week’s disappearance and subsequent discovery of the body of a 16-year-old student of Juabeng Senior High School, Linda Arkansaa.

It took a police reinforcement to control the irate youth who besieged Ejisu Police Station to demand the release of a colleague in custody over the attempted arson.

ACP Ngissah in thick of affairs

The Ejisu Divisional Police Commander, ACP Stephen Tene Ngissah, has since condemned the action of the youth.

"Their action can never be justified because you can't take the law into your hands," he said.

Linda’s  body was found a week after she went missing

Linda’s suspected murder had sparked anger among residents after her body was found near an uncompleted building a week after her disappearance.

Several unresolved murders have hit Jamasi in Ejisu Municipality. Residents say, at least, five people, including a child, have died under bizarre circumstances in recent times.

Relatives of the latest victim whose almost decomposed body was found in a bush, say some of her body parts were missing.

An uncle, Moses Adongo, who confirmed this to Nhyira FM, said he will never trust the police because of the unresolved deaths.

"I don't trust the police to do thorough work. It’s not the first time we are recording murder here. We have seen 1, 2, 3, and 4 deaths. 

“Someone was shot dead and his body burnt here. What did they do? A security officer was tied up and killed. Five deaths. What have they done about them,"  he quizzed.

No arrest has been made in connection with the murders amidst public criticism police have been lackadaisical in resolving murders in the community.

They suspect a group of Beninese spiritualists of complicity.

Smashed signboard of one of the spiritualists

But ACP Tene Ngissah said he has not received any reports on the strange deaths in the community.

"It was just this morning that somebody told this is the fourth time such a thing has happened. Did they inform the police? Did they give credible information to the police because if you are suspecting somebody, you are staying with the criminal; you are staying with the man. If you should have come to tell the police, then the police will act on it," the Divisional Commander stated.

He wants the public to volunteer information which will lead to the arrest of the suspects.