The National Democratic Congress has alleged that the New Haven polling station in the Ayawaso Central constituency, has been moved into the house of the incumbent New Patriotic Party Parliamentary candidate, Henry Quartey.

This, the NDC says, is against standard election protocols and must be stopped.

The party further stated that they have reported the incident to the Electoral Commission and are awaiting results concerning the issue.

Speaking at a press briefing in Accra Deputy General Secretary of the NDC, Peter Boamah Otokunor stated that after reports were received from Ayawaso Central about the change of location, attempts to prevent the relocation of the polling station proved futile.

“We have received reports from Ayawaso Central that a polling station called New Haven, instead of the polling station being on the street, they have moved the polling booths into the house of the Member of Parliament, Henry Quartey, the Deputy Minister of National Security.

“All attempts by agents and officials who were there to prevent them proved futile. We laid the report to the National Headquarters of the Electoral Commission, they have spoken to the district officer, as it stands now still the action is going on.”

Mr. Otokunor called for the Electoral Commission to exact swift action concerning the matter to protect the integrity of the electoral process in the area.

“And it is important that we draw your attention to it so you move there because we have established procedure for voting. We have rules and regulations that govern the positioning of polling stations.

“So those rules and regulations must be followed to the core and any attempt to undermine or overthrow those rules and regulations in the interest of the NPP should be resisted.”