Junior Shapers Africa (JSA), the premier male youth personal development organisation leading the ‘Raising Boys Right’ Advocacy in all of Africa calls for peace to prevail before, during and after Ghana’s 2020 election.

Ethel Adjorlolo Marfo the founding director of JSA and Principal of Boys to Men Voyage is appealing to Ghanaian male youth and young first time voters to use their energy more productively and value their future dreams by rejecting any offers that may come from politicians to cause mayhem during and after election.

She is also calling on political leaders to desist from inciting male youth to participate in acts of violence and misbehaviour before, during and after the election, as Ghana goes to the polls on December 7.

We should all learn to accept the outcome of the election and seek the right channels to address any concerns if we have any.

By virtue of being an organization dedicated to responsible behavior and raising boys’ right we want to see our leaders engaging in acts and making proclamations that inspire our male youth to do better for our country and not inciting them to cause unrest. 

Let  us take the personal development and emotional well-being of our male youth seriously as they grow up to take the mantle and let us groom and shape them to become the responsible men we want to see in our society with the right values and attitude especially in times like these. 

Our current leaders are role models for our future men and we are calling on them to set good examples for the upcoming ones. 

We also entreat all well-meaning Ghanaians especially supporters of all parties to desist from any acts of misconduct that will threaten the peace we currently enjoy in our beloved country. 

As we exercise our civic duty and rights, let us maintain the peace so we can have an election devoid of violence and public misbehaviour. Ghana is all we have. May Ghana win once again and may God bless us all.