Religious leaders have been cautioned against political pronouncements as they prepare to hold their last religious activity before Monday’s election.

The Program for Christian-Muslim Relation in Africa (PROMURA) says any open pronouncement of support by religious leadership can affect the unity in the church community.

Ahead of the general election, some religious leaders have prophesied on who wins the polls.

This is a phenomenon that has become part of the country’s politics.

But Rev. Dr. Johnson Mbilla, who is consultant for PROMURA doubts the authenticity of such prophecies describing them as divisive.

“We have known that kind of promises that were not fulfilled because they were self-stimulated political statements. They had to find a way to find explanation to them. Did God tell them he changed his mind. I don’t believe them?”, he said.

He spoke to Luv News on the sidelines of a peace conference towards the general elections in Kumasi.

Rev. Dr. Mbilla noted some religious leaders have often allowed politicians to use them in advancing their course and vise-versa for selfish interest.

“Politicians contact the religious people to play the religious card to ensure that the particular religious people vote for them. That is not right”, he added.

 This he says has become another divisive tool in creating an atmosphere for chaos. 

PROMURA says the use of decent language will need to be championed as the Election Day draws near.