Vodafone Ghana CEO, Patricia Obo-Nai

Vodafone Ghana has welcomed decision by the National Communications Authority (NCA) to implement a healthy competition policy, which will create a level playing field for all operators.

According to the company, the action by the regulator is important to improve innovation in the sector, thereby helping to grow the economy.

The NCA has been in a stand-off with market leader MTN, over the quest to limit the subscriber base of the network operator through the implementation of a Market Dominance Position.

Chief Executive of Vodafone Ghana, Patricia Obo-Nai in an interview with Blomberg News programme “surveillance” noted that the move will help consumers at the end of the day.

“The law makes provision for the regulator to ensure a level playing field for all operators in the country where as it’s important for equal space, there’s no negative competition. I mean we don’t have any major objection as long as the actions taken by the regulator is helping the consumer, its stimulating innovation and it’s creating creativity in the industry. So we’re very open to the decision,” she said.

She also disclosed that the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has seen a push in mobile money subscription by about 50 percent for the network.

“The surge has been in data traffic and increase in demand for network infrastructure and connectivity. We’ve seen traffic go up to by about 50% and so we’ve had to extend capacity to manage it as much as possible,” she revealed.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Obo-Nai assured that her outfit is making sure to build a more safe, resilient and reachable network.