Founder of OtherslikemeGH on AM Show

Founder, OtherslikemeGH, Dorcas Efe Mensah, has advised all Ghanaians to seek education on mental health.

She recounted how weird she used to behave and relate to people around her without any knowledge of her mental situation.

“So I think that everybody has to get mental education,” she told Joy News’ AM Show with Mamavi Owusu-Aboagye.

“Me for instance, when I was here at MyJoyOnline, I remember I use to fight everybody including my boss and it was so hard. Everybody was like she’s so stubborn, she’s so difficult and I also felt that they don’t understand me,” she recalled.

The AM Show on Friday focused on supporting good mental health in the workplace ahead of the World Mental Health Day on Saturday, October 10.

Mrs Efe Mensah said she developed ‘bipolar depression’ three years ago following an assault, and that contributed to her actions.

She believes it is essential that everyone get knowledge of mental health for the good of oneself and that of others to help accommodate each other.

“I didn’t know that it was because of my condition that I was reacting this way so I think that if the awareness is there, it helps a lot for people to be more accepting,” she hinted.

OtherslikemeGH founder also advised that people make good use of technology, stating that “you are holding your phone, go to Google and find out what mental health is”.

“I am sure if I had known that my mental health was the reason I was acting in a certain way, I wouldn’t really have been bothered. Mostly, I was feeling sad because I thought I was a bad person but something was actually wrong with me,” she noted.

She called on employers and colleagues to equally support people exhibiting such conditions.

 “I have people around that when I am doing things, they are like ‘charlie watch it’.

“But if we all don’t know and we are always pointing fingers; you are a bad girl, you are this, you are that, it only gets the situation worse,” she added.

Dorcas Efe Mensah together with over 60 other people living with similar health conditions teamed up to form OtherslikemeGH to help people exhibiting mental health conditions and those around them understand each other.

“I needed people who understood my condition to talk to, and that was how I ended up forming the OtherslikemeGH together with over 60 other people with similar condition supporting.

“This was after I had written my own story on MyJoyOnline, other people wrote to me to help share their story too,” she said.