You’ve got a few reasons to dread and/or loathe birthdays. But at least now you can cross that hot mess of a Facebook news feed off your list of things to worry about on your or your friends’ birthdays.

Facebook is now testing a new design that organizes birthday-related messages in a much cleaner, simpler way that’s consistent with other recent user-interface changes.

If this change is rolled out to all users, your news feed will no longer be hijacked by an endless string of largely homogeneous “Happy birthday!” notes every time someone celebrates another year above ground.

Instead, all the related messages will collapse under a single common link, similar to the interface you might see if several of your friends comment on an update or photo, or RSVP to an event.

While we’ve only seen screenshots for birthday-related posts in news feeds, we also hope this collapsible feature will appear on users’ profiles. A glut of birthday messages can quickly drown out any other, perhaps more important notes on your own wall.

Source: CNN