FanMilk Ghana Limited, a member of Danone, has donated to the Ridge Hospital and Noguchi Medical Research Institute in support of the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

The company’s support is targeted at the frontline medical staff at the two institutions who are leading the case management of the pandemic.

They presented 15,600 bottles of drinking Yoghurt (FanMaxx) to the Director Generals of the two institutions on Thursday.

Presenting the items, Ziobeieton Yeo, the CEO of FanMilk West Africa and Managing Director of FanMilk Ghana Limited said, “We know how busy the day gets for most of you, with long hours exerting a lot of energy on the job.

“We want to help re-energize you when your fuel is low as our way of supporting you in this fight against Covid-19 in Ghana”.

“At FanMilk are dedicated to providing nutritious food to as many people as possible to improve our impact on the communities we serve.

“We are regularly reminded of the dedication and resilience of the frontline medical staff and truly appreciate all their efforts.

“Our thoughts and support also go out to all other frontline staff who are in one way or other keeping the country going, especially those striving to feed the nation.”

FanMilk Ghana Limited also made donations to Food for All Ghana and Free Lunch Ghana to feed over 10,000 people with their fortified yoghurt SuperYogo.

Mr Yeo stated that the company is concerned that there are many who have been left without a means of livelihood due to the lockdown and thus they are contributing to ensure these older, homeless and unemployed people are fed through Food For All Ghana & Free Lunch Ghana’s initiatives.

He thanked the two organisations further for being sensitive to the plight of the less privileged during these times and encouraged them to forge ahead.

The FanMilk boss urged all Ghanaians to heed to all the Covid-19 preventive measures and to stay safe while in lockdown.