A Kumasi Circuit Court has sentenced a farmer caught with 804.17 grammes of cannabis to 10 years imprisonment.

Robert Opoku, 35, pleaded guilty to the offence.

Police Chief Superintendent Moses Atibila told the court, presided over by Justice William Boampong, that the convict was arrested by a police patrol team at Kaase on February 18.

He was spotted carrying a yellow polythene bag and waiting by the road side to join a vehicle.

As the police approached, he became uneasy and that made the officers suspicious. They, therefore, stopped and demanded to know what was in the polythene bag.

A search conducted, uncovered the cannabis (dried leaves), the prosecutor said. The prosecution said Opoku admitted ownership of the substance and mentioned one “Kuchi” as the source of supply.

He could, however, not lead the police to the said person.The dried leaves were later sent to the police laboratory, which confirmed it to be cannabis.