The Food and Drugs Board has raised the alarm over the distribution and sale of what it says are fake corned beef products on the market. The Board has arrested a man said to be a retailer of the dangerous products.

A statement signed and issued by Dr. Stephen K. Opuni, Chief Executive Officer of the FDB, says the Board’s investigations “revealed that two (2) different Corned Beef products, CB Corned Beef and Matador Corned Beef have been relabeled by wrapping Exeter Corned Beef labels over the existing labels to deceive unsuspecting consumers into thinking that they are purchasing genuine Exeter Corned Beef.

“The Food and Drugs Board wishes to inform the general public that the original Exeter Corned Beef permitted for sale in Ghana has a lithograph labeling, (i.e. the label is printed directly on the can and not on paper). The general public is therefore alerted to look out for this feature when buying any Exeter Corned Beef.”

The statement said evaluation of samples of the fake Exeter Corned Beef further revealed that some of the cans have the original expiry dates cleaned and replaced with new fake expiry date of December, 2012, and in some instances the fake products had expired since January, 2008.

Meanwhile the Food and Drugs Board, with assistance from the Ghana Police Service, has effected the arrest of one Mr. Kissi, who was found retailing the fake product at the Accra Central Business District (Okaishie) Zone 18, around the Fire Service Area.

The FDB assured the public that with the assistance of the security agencies, everything possible is being done to rid the market of any such fake corned beef.

The statement also cautioned distributors and retailers against the supply, display and sale of the fake Exeter Corned Beef since such acts contravene Section 3 of the Food and Drugs Law, 1992 (PNDCL 305B), which states that: “any person who labels, packages, sells or advertises any food in a manner that is false, misleading or deceptive as regards its character, nature, value, substance, quality, composition, merit or safety, commits an offence.”

“The general public is also advised to report any person(s) associated with the distribution of the fake Exeter Corned Beef or any other fake/imitated food product to Food and Drugs Board on any of the underlisted telephone numbers:

  • 0244-337235
  • 0244-337243
  • 0244-337247
  • 0244-337251

“The Food and Drugs Board (FDB) wishes to assure the general public of its resolve to protect public health and safety,” the statement concluded.

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