The Food and Drugs Board (FDB) says it has detained a consignment of unwholesome Titus sardines in vegetable oil and in tomato sauce.

The Board said in a statement signed by Chief Executive Dr Stephen Opuni, that unwholesome Titus sardine products, which were packed
in Casablanca, Morocco, by UNIMER and imported by Forewin Ghana
Limited, had red and yellow paper labels with the inscription TITUS
written in yellow ink with a black shadow.

The details of the detained unwholesome Titus Sardine products
are: “Titus Sardines in Vegetable Oil 175 x 50 x 500 Cartons and Titus
Sardines in Tomato Sauce 175 x 50 x 500 Cartons”.

The FDB said an examination conducted on the consignment on arrival at
the Tema Harbour showed that some of the products were bloated and
rusted, whilst some of the cans had leakages of oil and defective cans

“These defects indicate very poor hermetic seaming during the
canning process, thereby compromising the safety and wholesomeness of
the product.”

The statement said the consumption of bloated canned fish products posed a serious public health risk since the product might cause food
poisoning due to Botulism caused by Clostridium Botulinum organism.

It said botulism could cause paralysis of the central nervous
system and untimely death within 24 hours if no medical assistance was

“In view of the observed defects in the consignment of Titus
Sardines in Oil and Tomato Sauce (175g), the Food and Drugs Board
cannot guarantee the wholesomeness of the consignment.”

The FDB said though it had detained the consignment for
destruction, it is with the assistance of the security agencies,
doing everything possible to ensure the unwholesome product did
not enter the market.

It also cautioned distributors and retailers against the supply,
display and sale of the said unwholesome Titus Sardine since it
contravened the law against selling, offering, exposure for sale, or
possession for sale food intended for, but unfit for human

The statement asked the general public to report any person(s)
associated with the distribution of any other unwholesome food product
to the Food and Drugs Board on 0244337235, 0244337243, 0244337247 and

Source: GNA