The Perez Dome, a magnificent superstructure of architectural brilliance, is looking for a challenge – how it can be filled to its 14,000 seater capacity.

Adom Praiz 2013 has taken this non-verbal communication of the challenge seriously. So come 3rd August, the Kirk Franklin Concert comes alive at this magnificent venue.

He is joined on stage by scintillating Cecilia Marfo, overwhelming Ohemaa Mercy and the man’s look-alike Cwesi Oteng. No Tribe hovers behind the pack to put in a performance that will get audience across every tribe singing on their feet. All this for GHc30 regular and GHc 50 for VIP.

The Perez Dome is the new building for the Perez Chapel International, the former Word Miracle Church International in Accra. It was built with the help of Geomatrica, a U.S-based architectural company who agreed to execute the roofing of the auditorium.

Presiding Bishop Charles Agyinasare recalled the difficulty in installing a dome as the congregation sat for two years, roofless as the corkless bottle of coke drink.

“We had built a 14,000-seater auditorium that was 59 meters across, without pillars, and we needed to cover it. But no one in Ghana could do it. No one in Nigeria could do it. No one in South Africa could do it. It was a dilemma,”

The roof is made of thin bars and tubes coated with gold-anodized aluminum into a visual symphony of patterns and beauty that help inspire the soul.”

It is the largest auditorium in Ghana. You can see it from four or five miles away. When the sun is shining…! And it has strips of translucent cladding so that, at night, you can see a big halo with light. It’s an awesome sight” describes the Bishop.

The name ‘Perez’ in the Bible means ‘breakthrough’. Exactly the place for Adom Praiz 2013 to break a record. The dome has been described as one of Ghana’s seven wonders.