Togbe Shitor

The popular fetish priest, Togbe Shito, who allegedly assaulted some contestants of the Miss Commonwealth pageant in 2019, has reportedly died.

His death comes days as after the priest had reportedly complained about a boil on a part of his body.

Sources told Adomonline that the young priest passed away on Monday, June, 15 at an undisclosed hospital in Accra.

Wife of the deceased priest Perpetual Enyonam confirmed the news of her husband’s death to Adom FM’s Entertainment Hall and Highlife Fiesta host, Michael Boateng, popularly known as Mike 2.

Togbe Shito and wife
Togbe Shitor, wife Perpetual and their baby

Togbe Shito had made headlines in 2019 when he was charged by the police for allegedly assaulting some beauty queens.

The bizarre case happened at a shrine belonging to the priest at Akyem-Kukurantumi in the Abuakwa North Municipal of the Eastern Region.

The girls were allegedly stripped naked at the shrine and hit with a machete after organisers of the pageant accused them of stealing ¢500.

Police subsequently arrested some of the organisers of the pageant, Togbe Shito and two of his assistants.

Togbe’s defence

Togbe Shito has denied torturing the girls.

He also said no girl was stripped naked at his shrine but could not deny that the girls were brought to him.

According to him, one of the ladies ‘confessed’ to stealing the money after some ‘spiritual incantations’ had been done and claimed the girl in question ‘begged’ the organisers for the embarrassment caused them.

The fetish priest also said the victim may have faked the bruises on her body to court public sympathy.

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