Ghana’s leading food seasoning, Onga, has commenced a wholesaler engagement roadshow to officially introduce its new Onga chicken tablet onto the market.

In a series of meetings held in three cities in the Eastern part of the Volta Region, the first phase of the launch was organised in adherence to recommended Covid-19 protocols.

Wholesalers from selected markets in the area were engaged at the meetings to officially outdoor the new Onga chicken tablet. 

Issues discussed included the rich taste and aroma that comes with the use of the new product, promotional activities which includes activations, TV and radio engagements amongst others.

Wholesalers were also assured of the commitment by the brand to continuously produce quality food products that will give them value for their money.  

The event was climaxed with a cooking demo for wholesalers to have a taste of meals prepared with the new Onga chicken tablet.

The event also offered the wholesalers an opportunity to share their experience of the product usage and their expectations from the brand in an open forum.

The event was also interspersed with musical and dance competition  with the new Onga chicken radio Jingle.

Each wholesaler was presented with Onga branded cloth, parasol, umbrella, apron and products as a take home package after the meeting.

All three events received coverage from local media houses in the respective cities