A fisherman reported­ly got drowned in the sea at Dixcove – a fishing town in the Ahanta West District of the Western Region – on Sun­day when the canoe carrying about five persons capsized.

The five fishermen were returning from a fishing expe­dition Sunday afternoon and were approaching the shore when the incident occurred

The canoe capsized when sea water suddenly entered it due to high tide and the bois­terous nature of the sea.

In the process, some of the fishermen fell into the sea and started swimming for sur­vival, but one of them, whose name was given only as Philip, 25, had since not been seen.

As at the time of filing this report, fisher folks at Dixcove were frantically making efforts to either rescue the missing fisherman or retrieve his body.

Many of the fishermen in the community joined in the search for their colleague but there was no trace of him.

Eyewitnesses alleged that the five fishermen were knocked off the boat by the violent waves, but four were rescued subsequently, adding that those who survived were just lucky.

When DAILY GUIDE con­tacted the chief fisherman for Dixcove, Nana Essel, he con­firmed the story and expressed surprise at the inci­dent.

According to him, the five fishermen had gone for fish­ing for about four days and were returning Sunday after­noon.

Nana Essel further corrob­orated the story and said, "Members of the search party are still looking for the missing fisherman called Philip, who completed senior high school not long ago."

He pointed out that the fishing community was wait­ing for a while, if the missing man was not found, some rit­uals would have to be per­formed so that the gods would help find him either alive or dead.