Four officials of the Accra Central Motor Traffic and Transport Unit (MTTU) of the Ghana Police Service were Wednesday arrested on the orders of the Inspector-General of Police (IGP) for allegedly extorting money from motorists around the Achimota Overhead Bridge.

An amount of GH¢196 was retrieved from them when they were searched on the spot by the arresting team from the Police Intelligence and Professional Standards (PIPS) Bureau.

Those arrested are Inspector Joseph Karikari, Sergeant Anthony Nyarko and Lance Corporals George Rockson and Daniel Yemoh.

The Director-General of the PIPS, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Timothy Ashiley, told the Daily Graphic that an informer called the IGP, Mr Paul Tawiah Quaye, to inform him about the activities of the MTTU men at the Achimota Overheard.

He said the IGP consequently called the PIPS to follow upon the information to check on its veracity.

According to him, when the arresting team got to scene, it, indeed found the four MTTU men undertaking motor checks when they had been sent to undertake traffic management.

ACP Ashiley said when the four policemen were arrested and searched about 12:40 p.m., GH¢107 was found on L/Cpl Rockson, while GH¢89.20 was found on L/Cpl Yemoh. Bribe money

He said the two senior men, Inspector Karikari and Sgt Nyarko; had taken positions elsewhere and supervising the junior ranks.

He said the policemen could not account for the source of the money. When they were sent to the Police Headquarters, Sgt. Nyarko made an attempt to run away but was pursued and arrested.


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