Charles Boamah Domfeh, was released a few weeks ago

A former inmate of the Awutu Camp Prison has received ¢1,000 from Paradise Prayer Centre, in Accra after he returned to his place of incarceration to solicit funds from prison officers. 

Charles Boamah Domfeh, 70, explained on Crime Check TV that his reason for going back to the prison was because surviving after prison has been tough on him.

“Life has been unbearable for me after my release, life outside prison is very hard. Although I get food to eat from my wife it’s not that regular because we don’t live together plus she takes care of all the needs of our children and I don’t want to stress her,” he said on the show.

“I came back because this is where I feel help will come from, looking at the hardships I was facing I realised the best option for me was to come back to the prison and seek help,” he added.

Now free and financially supported, Paradise Prayer Centre hopes that Mr Domfeh will use the donation to engage in a trade to keep him going.