Funny Face (Credit: Instagram - @therealfunnyface)

Comedian Funny Face has rendered an apology to his baby mama, Vanessa Anokyewaa, for the attacks and insults he rained on her in the past weeks.

According to him, he is not ready to let a disagreement between him and the young lady caused a crack in the family which in turn will hurt their kids and their future.

“VANNESSA am truly sorry…let everybody put the blame on me… I’m ever ready to carry the cross of my family,” Funny Face wrote.

He also apologised to the young lady’s mother and father stating “Grandma I’m sorry I used those words on you…please forgive me 🔥✊.”

“Grandpa JAH WISDOM…Daddy, I’m really sorry fr all the things I said to you…Daddy from today me and you…will be blazing Dazing.”

His apology comes after his baby mama gave birth to his third child earlier this week.

Vanessa Anokyewaa welcomed a baby girl adding to the two girls they have together.

Funny Face wrote in his post that although he was led to believe that the young lady was expecting a boy he is still gratefulshe delivered safely.

“let’s build dis family…even though…we are angry at each other .. these beautiful kids don’t deserve this…for the sake of the kids .. put all the blame on me !! Love you all ✊🔥 for life is for life.”

Funny Face also thanked the people who helped him through his “dark” times.

He stated that he was appreciative they helped him survive depression and let go of suicidal thoughts.