Youth and Development Chief at Gbese Amotsiwe, Nii Ayafio Tetteh I, says the much awaited bout between Bukom Banku and Ayittey Powers should be moved to a different region if the Ghana Boxing Authority is not able to change the May 16 date.

There has been a concern that the bout may likely affect the ban on noise making imposed as part of preparations towards celebrating the Homowo festival.

“This fight that has been scheduled for May 16 should be looked at again because within that period is when the preparations for the Homowo will begin.

“We all know boxing originated from Bukom and this is a fight every Ghanaian wants to see.

“I am personally looking forward to this fight but I know if this fight was even taking place today, the noise making will start from Bukom straight to the stadium and back and as we are all aware it wouldn’t show respect to the Ga culture.

“I would like to plead with the president of the Ga traditional council to take a critical look into this by meeting with the officials of the Ghana boxing authority (GBA) to find a solution to changing the date and if nothing is agreed on, and then I suggest the bout should be moved to another region”.

The bout has already suffered a lot of postponements and delays, due to Ayittey Powers’ claims of spiritual consultation.

It was originally scheduled for 25 April but postponed to a later date because Powers said his spiritual father, Prophet T.B Joshua, advised him not to fight on that date.

Meanwhile, Ayittey Powers has backed the decision to halt the May 16 bout between him and archrival Bukom Banku.