The Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection announced Wednesday, it will soon embark on a campaign to educate vulnerable persons on observing social distancing and how to practice good hygiene.

The Ministry says it has identified vulnerable persons who will be engaged in this initiative as the homeless, street children and head porters (Kayayei).

Speaking at a press briefing which aimed to update the public on the status of coronavirus in the country, the Minister, Cynthia Morrison said, “we realised [when collating the data on the demography] that we need to train them on personal hygiene and how to use the hand sanitisers.”

The Ministry, she noted, will additionally, provide Veronica buckets for them in their temporary homes in the locked-down areas of the country.

“We are also going to train them on social distancing because we’ve realised that they always socialise in clusters.  

“So we have to teach them social distancing and it is something we are going to take very seriously,” she added.