The Lioness of Africa! Noella Wiyaala! This picture is absolutely stunning and it represents everything she stands for. An original African talent!

The authentic black pride! The truest epitome of AfriCANaCITY!!! (Good morning to my friends at Absa Bank Ghana) That’s my girl!

In the last couple of days I’ve taken time to watch Wiyaala’s rant over and again; and beyond pointing out the fact that my girl erred, I also believe she owes the industry an apology.

I still cannot get my head around what Wiyaala meant by “fooling herself to win an award”. Really? Is that how awards are won in this country?

By “fooling ones self”? Is Wiyaala saying all those that have won awards in the past “fooled themselves”? Could she throw a bit more light on exactly what she meant by that? Did she “fool herself” to win the awards she also won in the past?

Though debatable, I can agree when she rants about the industry not giving her enough attention probably because she doesn’t go about displaying nudity or engaging in needless squabbles and beefs, but to say your fellow musicians “fool themselves” to win awards?

Not not not not! I think our darling girl owes her colleagues and the industry an apology. That line was way too low and much as some of us love her, I think it’s only fair that we call out the blunder so she can fix it.
Her colleagues deserve better!

Fortunately, I know both Wiyaala and her handlers are level headed and have very good hearts.

I pray they get to see this and do the needful. Wiyaala is our one and only Lioness! Queen in the North! Our Yaa Asantewaa in the music space. A legend in the making.

We love her…that’s why we would not hesitate to speak truth when it must be spoken. We would be hypocrites if we closed our eyes to this.

That said, let’s also as media practitioners do more to promote our acts. It doesn’t always have to be sensational to make the headlines! #ShowbizAtoZ will be on this Saturday from 2 pm only on Joy 99.7 FM. Bonjour!