The National Cybersecurity Authority has begun the move to develop standards to certify cyber experts and practitioners in the country and also set standards for their operations.

The move is part of the Cybersecurity Act 2020 passed by the last parliament.

Speaking after a forum on the new law, Minister for Communications and Digitalisation, Ursula Owusu-Ekuful said the move is critical to ensure that the industry has no charlatans.

According to the Minister, there is a lack of skilled jobs in the cybersecurity space which many can take advantage of.

A situation she fears may be an opportunity for unscrupulous persons to take advantage and therefore expects the development of standards and certification to address this challenge.

“There are many indications today that demand for cybersecurity workers will continue to be high. All organisations need to understand is the threat on environment and the risks they face, address their cybersecurity problems, and hire the most appropriate people to do that work” she said.

She also asked the authority to conduct a research into the skills gap for the industry in Ghana for the next five years.

“In view of the anticipated need for cybersecurity workforce in the country, I have tasked the Cyber Security Authority to engage with you – the private sector actors to conduct research to establish Ghana’s cybersecurity workforce needs for the next five years. Findings from such research will support government policy on cybersecurity skills development and capacity building efforts in this critical sector of our digital economy”.

Meanwhile, the Acting Director General of the National Cybersecurity Authority, Dr. Albert Antwi Boasiako has reinforced the need for Cyber security professionals to be trained and certified.

He believes this will also protect them and the nation as a whole.

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