The National Executives and Staff of the Ghana Chamber of Commerce and Industry wish to sympathise with all families and companies, especially member firms and partners of the Chamber who might have been affected by the unfortunate disaster caused by the recent flood.

This situation has resulted in the loss of property, injury and death of loved ones.

It is regrettable that this phenomenon has beset the nation at a time that both the private sector and the government are calling on all to place premium on made-in-Ghana products and to expand businesses by increasing our exports.

The GCCI is much worried and concerned especially because of the lackadaisical attitude on the part of both government and the citizenry towards taking a decisive decision to deal with the issue of natural disasters particularly floods.

Since independence, Ghana has suffered several natural disasters related to flood and the Chamber believes it is time we dealt with the problem once and for all.

It is obvious that bad management has contributed profusely to this phenomenon-poor planning, poor maintenance culture, poor supervision, chocked gutters, and imprudent issuance of permit for constructions.

Human error emanating from careless use of our open sewers cannot be ruled out. We should all desist from engaging in acts which result in the blockage of our open sewers.

This disaster will certainly affect businesses which will in turn affect the nation’s economy and the livelihood of the citizenry. Businesses may collapse, credit facilities are likely to be dishonoured.

The GCCI calls for collective efforts at finding lasting solution to this perennial flood-related disasters which have become vicious albatross on the nation.

Supervision of sites and permits for constructions should be intensified; sewers constructed for the purposes of drainage should be wide enough for efficient drainage.

The GCCI believes all is not lost and wishes that we all continue to take precautions and exercise utmost care to prevent such unfortunate disasters in the future.