The Ghana Cylinder Manufacturing company has been shut following tension between the Frances Essiam-led management and board of the same company.

The over 60 workers of the company have been asked to stay home whilst customers waiting to do business have been left stranded.

Joy News’ Manasseh Azure Awuni who was present at the company reports the gates and premises of the hitherto busy company have been shut and isolated with no sign of business going on.

According to him, about 20 customers have been turned away with a “no gas” inscription boldly written at the precincts of the company.

Beyond the tranquillity of the company’s premises is a surge of chaos, accusation and counter-accusation at the top level management of the company, Manasseh has learnt.

The Finance and Accounts Manager, Julius Opuni Asamoah has been sacked by the management over some alleged procurement breaches but he has petitioned the Board accusing the CEO, Frances Essiam of some malfeasance.

A board meeting expected to be held today to discuss the issues affecting the company has been called off by Madam Frances Essiam.

The board is yet to officially comment on the matter.

According to Manasseh Azure Awuni, three issues were to be considered and discussed at the board meeting;

A query to the CEO by the board for allegedly disposing off obsolete equipment without the knowledge of the board; the petition written by the dismissed Finance Manager and finally the CEO’s concern on the alleged abuse of the company’s letterhead by the chair of the board were to tackled in Tuesday’s meeting which has since been called off.

However, Joy News has learnt the CEO would not allow the meeting to be held. It is yet to be ascertained when the company will be reopened for business.