Organisers of this year’s hajj are promising a hitch free trip to Mecca for all pilgrims travelling to the holy land.

Though last year’s exercise to the Saudi Arabian city was largely successful, some potential pilgrims were unhappy that they were overlooked although they had paid the monies required of them.

But spokesperson for the hajj board Alhaji Halidu Haruna explained to Joy News that previous mistakes will not be repeated.

He disclosed that out of the 5,700 quota they have signed, they have received close to 5,000 applications from potential pilgrims.

“We cannot afford any disappointments this year. I want to assure potential pilgrims that this year, they should be rest assured, they should have all the patience so that anytime it is their time to go, we will notify them through their agents,” Alhaji Halidu Haruna added.

He however cautioned the pilgrims to stick to the guidelines regarding the amount of luggage they carry, as they will be made to pay for any excess.