Young Andrew Adansi-Bonnah’s initiative that begun barely a month ago in Accra to raise GH¢20 million ($13 million) to support the children of Somalia has received global recognition, culminating in the African Union inviting him and his team to address the African Union at its Pledging Conference on Thursday 25th August 2011 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

In an abstract of a letter dated 18 August 2011 addressed to Ghana’s Embassy in Addis Ababa, the African Union said “the Commission has come across media reports regarding an initiative taken by an 11-year-old Ghanaian school boy by the name Andrew Adansi to raise money for the victims of Somalia. The Commission is deeply touched by this initiative, which shows a strong conscience and early sense of solidarity. Clearly this imitative should be encouraged and emulated elsewhere on the continent, not only as way of assisting the Somalia people in their hour of need, but also in order to promote the much needed Pan-African Spirit among the younger generations, to further the goals of AU”.

“During Andrew’s presence in Addis Ababa, the commission would also organize side media activities to give adequate coverage for his generous and timely initiative and encourage him to further pursue his efforts, as well as inspire other Africans to follow his example,” the letter stated.

Meanwhile young Andrew has begun a tour to many corporate institutions in Accra such as Banks, Insurance companies, Automobile, Mining, Pharmaceuticals and Telecommunication Companies among others. Some institutions already visited have expressed positive assurances that they will donate towards this noble course to help Save Somali Children from Hunger.

Young Andrews’ address to the African Union will emphasize on Food Security, Accessible Health Care and Nutrition, Right to Education, Conflict Resolution and Post War reconstruction of Somalia as well as Pan Africanism.

This is one of Ghana’s greatest achievements of producing the youngest ambassador of such kind in Global history.

The Programme is supported by UNICEF Ghana, World Food Programme Ghana, the Country Awards Council–Ghana, Ghana’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, rlg Communication Ghana Ltd., a subsidiary of AGAMS Group and funded by the African Union.

Earlier this week, UNICEF Rep. to Ghana, Dr. Iyabode Olusanmi and World Food Programme (WFP) Rep. to Ghana, Mr. Ismail Omer expressed their offices’ fullest support to ensure this project achieves its pnjectives.

Young Andrew’s presentation will be made with the latest rlg portable laptop made in Ghana, donated by rlg Communication Ghana Ltd. The team will leave Ghana for Addis Ababa on Wed. 24/ 08/ 2011.

By Kobla Asamani, Technical Directing Advisor


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