Ghana's delegation has arrived in Madrid, Spain for the Vis-a-Vis Festivals for Ghanaian music groups “Kyekyeku” and FRA bands.

The Vis-a-Vis is a cultural project organised by Spain’s public diplomacy institution, Casa África in partnership with the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture in collaboration with the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA), the Spanish Embassy in Accra and the Ghanaian Embassy in Madrid. 

This year’s Ghana Vis-a -Vis marks the 10th edition of the cultural cooperation project that aims to generate a better knowledge of African music in Spain and has already been held in nine other African countries. 

So far, Vis-a-Vis has visited Senegal (on two occasions), Ethiopia, South Africa, Côte d’Ivoire, Cape Verde, Equatorial Guinea, Tanzania and Angola. 

“Kyekyeku & FRA bands” were adjudged winners out of 64 bands that applied to audition for the Casa Vis-a-Vis Ghana Espana Project.

The two groups who will be performing and representing Ghana are expected to promote Ghana as they tour Spain’s most important festivals this month.

The band arrived in two weeks ago and have so far performed, toured a couple of festivals and are expected to perform a few more. 

The delegation from Ghana which included media representatives, would be calling on the Ghana High Commission on July 17, to engage and update the Government office on the turnouts of events and the plan laid out for the festivals by Casa Africa. 

The Ghana High Commission has been very instrumental in the coordination of the team since they arrived.