A group of Africans, including Ghanaians who have been stranded on the Caribbean Island of Barbados for the past two months are now being held at a military base.

The group of tourists who were taken to the Island on a maiden flight of the Ghana International Airlines (GIA) have since the first week of February remained stranded on the Island because the GIA did not return to bring them back to Ghana.

The 153 passengers, made up of Ghanaians and Nigerians, were expected to have been in the Caribbean Island for two weeks.

Two return flights scheduled for February 15 and 29, 2008 were all postponed. Some of the passengers then resorted to working illegally in that country.

Officials of the government of Barbados said when some of the stranded passengers run out of money they officially requested for work permits to allow them to work and support themselves while in the country.

A BBC Network Africa broadcast monitored in Accra, said the stranded passengers are now being held at Paragon, the Island’s military base, amidst fears that some of them have absconded, having failed to report to the authorities.

Reports indicated that they are being held at the military base, because the government of Barbados want them at one place in case it becomes possible to deport them to Ghana.

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi