Gizelle Yajzi, the woman who claimed to have had an affair with former President Kufuor, has fired back at the ex-President, insisting that Mr. Kufuor fathered her set of twins during his term of office.

Giselle Yajzi, a self-confessed paramour of ex President Kufuor, made headlines in 2005 when she claimed to be the mother of a set of twins for the ex-President. She insisted that she had negotiated for the purchase of a Hotel for the President on his instructions, adding that she and the president’s son had been in a meeting with the owner of the building and that she had done most of the talking.

Giselle Yajzi further accused Mr. Kufuor and his family of setting up offshore companies and opening bank accounts in some countries.

Although, he was cleared by CHRAJ of all the allegations in 2006, Mr. Kufuor never commented publicly on the matter until Tuesday, August 10 2010, when he emphatically denied the long-standing allegations by Ms Yajzi.

“How many years now [since the allegations were made], why haven’t they brought the children? And if they were my children I will go for them I tell you. I will beg permission from my wife, admit I have twins in America or so, I’m going to bring them because they are my blood. That Kufuor had twins, I didn’t consider as a crime at all,” the former president said.

However in an interview with Accra based Radio Gold on Wednesday, August 11, the Iraqi-American citizen hit back at the ex president, insisting that she had two son with Mr. Kufuor.

“He is very promiscuous, for example I knew that he had a relationship with some woman who worked with him. He did it every day; I think the only woman who did not have a relationship with him was his wife, because she was too old for him,” She said.

According to Ms. Yazji, Mr. Kufuor’s promiscuous habit even forced his wife, Theresa to ask for divorce some time ago.

She denied ever having any business dealings with former Finance Minister Osafo Marfo on the Hotel Kufuor saga, although she alleged the former Oda MP knew about her pregnancy for Mr. Kufuor.

Asked whether she would send pictures of the so-called twins, she responded facetiously that she didn’t trust the former president and never trusted him.

Ms Yajzi claimed the boys were handsome, brilliant and not lacking anything.

She hopes to bring them to Ghana to one day.

Play the attached audio and listen to Mr Kufuor and Ms Gizele Yajzi.

Source: Citifmonline/Ghana