For the first time since the establishment of the annual Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) awards, two prospective winners will this year walk home with brand new vehicles each.

The 2015 Journalist of the Year will receive a Hyundai Creta Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) while the Best Financial Reporter will receive a Hyundai i10 Grand.

Making the presentation yesterday to the National Executives of the GJA in Accra, Chief Executive Officer of Ideal Financial Services and Ideal Groupe, Dr. Nii Kortei Dzani, said it was part of his outfit’s corporate social responsibility. 

Dr. Dzani expressed interest in associating with the media when it comes to good financial practices for businesses to boom, hence his outfit’s support for both the journalist of the year and the best financial reporter.

He indicated that the gesture was to redeem the promise his company made last year to the Association having realised the need to motivate journalists to give off their best.

He noted that some journalists lack the technical know-how in financial reporting. That, he stressed, informed his outfit’s decision to institute the Kotei Dzani Award for the Best Business Reporting.

He added that inaccuracies in financial reporting can hurt the economy hence the best reporters in financial reporting with the nation at heart will help.

Receiving the keys of the cars on behalf of the Association, President of GJA, Mr. Affail Monney, noted that the gesture was unprecedented in the history of GJA.

He thanked Groupe Ideal for the support and expressed the hope that it will motivate the winners for that category to do more.


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