Ghana’s participation at the World Amputee football Championship in Argentina suffered a setback as the team failed to fly out last night as scheduled.

Fifteen players and seven officials were expected to travel to Argentina last night but lack of funds for plane tickets meant the trip had to be boycotted.

Government had earlier promised to take care of the cost of the team’s participation after initial setbacks to raise an estimated 80,000 cedis for the tournament.

The team which had secured visas for the games expected government to fulfill its promise but they were left stranded at their camping base in Osu.

When Joy Sports contacted Deputy Sports Minister Nii Nortey Duah about the situation, he denied any government promise to the Amputee team.

However Adjetey Sowah who manages the team said the deputy Minister was being dishonest.

He was enraged by the situation because in his opinion, the development will only seek to deepen the discrimination against persons living with disabilities.

He said when the Black Stars were participating in the World Cup in South Africa, the government sponsored hundreds of funs to go and cheer up the players.

Mr. Adjetey Sowah said it was regrettable that the same government was refusing to support just the players of the national amputee team to go to Argentina for the games.

A few of the player’s joy Sports spoke to at the camping base in Osu believe they have been discriminated against.

They said they were determined to raise the flag of Ghana high at the games but the nation had let them down.

Ghana is drawn in Group C alongside Turkey, El Salvador, Liberia and Algéria. Ghana’s Group opener is on Saturday. The tournament runs from October 14-27.

Source: Joy Sports/Ghana


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