The Tripartite Committee is to hold an emergency meeting to take a decision on how to cushion workers against the impact of the latest fuel price increment.

Deputy Minister for Employment and Social Welfare, Antwi Boasiako Sekyere says an improved daily minimum wage is already being discussed.

He was responding to TUC’s demands for an emergency meeting with government on how to improve the lot of workers following the latest increase in the prices of petroleum products.

“The tripartite committee has met about three times on this, the organized labour brought their proposal, we asked the technical sub-committee to bring their report, they submitted the report, we met on it but we have not been able to come to an agreement.”

Mr Boasiako Sekyere said they had wanted to finish the determination of the minimum wage before the end of this year but the negotiation process has been a bit cumbersome.

The committee is expected to meet in January to continue the process, he hinted.

Meanwhile, the Trade Union Congress (T.U.C) the increment came at a critical stage where the cost of living in the country is very high.

TUC’s Secretary General Kofi Asamoah is therefore demanding explanation on the hedging arrangement and the state of the stabilization fund.