Social media users have been left stunned after a Ghanaian couple enacted the lyrics of KiDi’s ‘Touch It’ song on the dance floor during their wedding.

In a viral video, the bride draped in a gold-coloured gown swayed her waist to the rhythm of the song as her husband stood right behind her.

The groom, clad in white and yellow attire, could not take his hands off his bride.

He made it a point to touch the various parts of her body as suggested by Afrobeats artiste KiDi.

The excitement at the ceremony heightened when the bride bent over exactly when the music played “Shut up! And bend over Let your bakka do the talking over.”

For many users, they wonder how the groom managed to land a beautiful plus-size bride.

Commenting on a post by @hiz_sarpomaah_official, they stated: “Saaa, energetic groom you do all.”

“Love is Love my people, make them enjoy themselves, ” another commented.