Women are amazing – trust me. Not only are they best managers at everything they do, but they are also great planners.  While men will step out virtually empty-handed save their phone and cash in their pockets or wallets, women will carry their ‘world’ with them wherever they go.

Their handbags are their world, and they will proudly carry this world with them anytime, any day. The items in their handbag could range from make-ups, hand sanitizers, sunscreen, to ‘back-up’ slippers. And this is why men should never peep into ladies’ handbags!

Jumia Ghana, the e-commerce giant, is this week spotlighting fashion during its Fashion Week,and so in the spirit of enhancing ladies’ health and fashion, Jumiaset out to find out from women the five (5) essential items every lady needs in her handbag. For Carolina Ricci, the Head of Fashion at Jumia Ghana, her top picks are poreless powder, moisturizing cream, lip balm, perfume, and lipstick. The list below is compiled from a tall list of responses from women across professional, age and ethnic spectrum.

Hand Sanitizer

Women, unlike men, are hygiene freaks and they would want to clean their hands from even a simple handshake with a stranger or after using the ATM. For women, they must protect themselves and those they come into contact with from diseases and thus the hand sanitizer is an important feature in their handbags. If you are a lady and do not currently carry one, then consider doing so.

Beauty Essentials

Every woman wants to look their best before entering into that meeting or getting off the vehicle. Because of this, women will always want to freshen up at every given opportunity. A lady’s handbag must thus always have a small pouch containing your mascara, lipstick, mirror and other beauty essentials to help you appear on point every time.

Breath Mints

Bad breath is a turn-off, well, for everyone. That’s why every lady needs some breath mints in her handbag, just in case you have kenkey for lunch. You always need to smell minty fresh when giving that hug or peck to that special someone and mints always do the trick.


This is, without doubt, one key essential that should feature in every lady’s handbag. Tissues always come in handy when it is time to do the dirty work. And ladies – you do not want to be found wanting when you need to clean the make-up off your face or blow your nose. A good wad of tissue in your handbag is always crucial.


In our part of the world with the sun always at its scorching best, one could leave home smelling all nice and turn up later in the day smelling like a fish. And these days, most people form opinions about people’s personalities through the way they smell. Perfumes and body mists are important accessories that must always be in your handbag if you always want to leave lasting memories.

So ladies, any time you are stepping out of home, consider these essential items if you are not already doing so. They will help you become the gorgeous, confident woman you have always been desiring to be.