Health Minister Sherry Ayitey has maintained that the decision to bring 350 Cuban doctors in to the country is not to call the bluff of the striking doctors.

According to her, the arrangement is part of an agreement between Ghana and Cuba to support healthcare delivery in the country.

The Health Minister’s comments are in reaction to claims that the 350 Cuban doctors are substitute to striking doctors who have withdrawn services due to discrepancies in their market premiums and allowance.

There have been calls by leading members of the governing party for government to bring in Cuban doctors to man the public hospitals.

But the doctors who have been on strike since April 8, 2013, have dared government to bring in more Cuban doctors to man all the public hospitals in the country.

General Secretary of the Ghana Medical Association (GMA), Dr. Frank Siribour on Adom FM said the country would need over 2000 Cuban doctors to make up for the number of striking doctors in the country.

But Sherry Ayitey maintained that government has no intention to use the Cuban doctors to spite the striking doctors.

She said the partnership between the government of Ghana and Cuba which started 20 years ago, is part of a contingency measure to enhance the doctor-patient ratio in the health sector.

The Health Minister noted that the one doctor to 10,000 patients ratio is gravely affecting efficient healthcare delivery in the country.

Sherry Ayitey noted that government is working assiduously to address all the problems in the health sector.