Herbalife Nutrition Ghana Limited has been adjudged the organization with the best Human Resources Management in the SME sector at the just ended 2021 HR Focus Awards.

The prestigious award was in recognition of the organization that has shown the most evidence of practice in HR Management in the SME Sector, including General HR practice, Human Resource Management philosophy, Strategic HR Management, HR function visibility and role.

In addition, this award was to recognize the HR practice documentation and best practice in the individual categories such as learning and development, recruitment and selection, employee relations, organizational culture, rewards management, performance management and HR information system (HRIS)

The brand also emerged finalist for 8 categories, including Best Organization in Organizational Culture and Best Organization in Performance Management.

With over 40 years of experience in promoting a healthy and active lifestyle and celebrating 10 years in Ghana, Herbalife Nutrition has carved a niche for itself as an employee-oriented organisation by its continued demonstration of innovation in the design and implementation of effective strategies geared towards the holistic development of its employees whiles empowering them to give off their best.

Commenting on the award, Country Director for Herbalife Nutrition Ghana, Clarence Amenyah, congratulated his team whiles expressing his appreciation to the event organisers for the award.

“It is truly a great honour to receive this award. We are excited about this achievement. On behalf of the management of Herbalife Nutrition, I say ‘thank you to our dedicated human resources team for their hard work. Your ‘can do’ team spirit and the zeal in helping staff navigate their way amidst this era of the new normal is highly commendable,” he said.

Clarence Amenyah noted that recognitions such as these affirm the Brand’s commitment to the adherence of the best Human Resource practices while pledging Management’s continuous support to the Human Resources team in all its endeavours. 

“At Herbalife Nutrition, we believe that our employees are our most valuable asset. As such, we will continue to invest heavily in the area of training and development whiles offering excellent working conditions,” he said.

The annual HR Focus Awards is designed to celebrate and reward Human Resources practitioners who have excelled across industries and organisations that uphold the best HR practices.

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