The man portrayed as a hero in a Hollywood movie about the Rwandan genocide has lost his appeal questioning the legality of his arrest last August.

On Wednesday a Rwandan court said Paul Rusesabagina, 66, was tricked into coming to Rwanda and not kidnapped, and that the trial must continue.

But Mr Rusesabagina had insisted he was kidnapped, and brought to Rwanda in a private jet by his friend Constantin Niyomwungere.

Mr Niyomwungere, a fellow Belgian citizen, told the court he tricked Mr Rusesabagina into believing they were heading to Burundi’s main city, Bujumbura, from Dubai.

Mr Niyomwungere said he agreed to co-operate with Rwandan investigators to get a private jet for their trip, after he “believed Rusesabagina should face justice for his soldiers deadly attacks”.

Mr Rusesabagina is charged with terrorism based on attacks by FLN rebels on Rwanda between 2018 and 2019.

The rebels are a military wing of the MRCD party, which Rusesabagina served as vice-president.