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An ardent listener of JoyFM has chronicled a chilling account of how she was compelled by a doctor to sleep with him in exchange for blood to save her mum.

According to Akua (not her real name), this incident happened in 2016 when her mum took ill and urgently needed to undergo surgery.

“When my mum was due for surgery, I needed about 10 pints of blood, but we were able to get six. I was asked by one doctor to sleep with him before he will add the rest for my mum,” she shared with host, Kojo Yankson on the Super Morning Show, Wednesday.

“Meanwhile, I have been donating blood; I have the card – he [the doctor] told me that made no difference,” she said.

Left with no other option, a desperate Akua, who badly wanted to save her mum, eventually gave in to the demand and slept with the doctor. But three days later, her mum died.

“He slept with me on Thursday, and my mum died on Sunday,” she said. “It’s something I curse him with every day,” she added.

Akua shared her ordeal as a contribution to discussions on the Show following a JoyNews exposé on how a National Blood syndicate sells blood at exorbitant prices.

The JoyNews’ and Corruption Watch investigation uncovered the illegal collection of fees for blood supply by a syndicate operating within the National Blood Service at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital and the Greater Accra Regional Blood Bank.

At the Greater Accra Regional Hospital, a staff collected ¢300 for a pint of blood while the leader of a syndicate operating within the National Blood Service at Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, demanded ¢750 for a pint of blood.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the National Blood Service, Dr. Justina Ansah, has indicated that no patient is expected to pay more than ¢150 for blood.

Apparently, Akua is not the only victim of this extortion. Other callers on the show recounted similar events, with some disclosing that they were made to pay money before being allowed to donate blood. “They said it was a processing fee,” one of them said.

Dr. Justina Ansah condemned the alleged extortion and said her outfit is working to address the phenomenon.

“We are assuring that together with the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA), and other regulatory bodies, we are putting all the measures to ensure that the system is regulated,” she said.