Wiyaala (credit: Instagram - @wiyaala)

Musician Wiyaala has stated that she believes that Ghanaians have been supportive of her music and career.

Her comment comes after many entertainment pundits had said that she was not appreciated like her colleagues.

Wiyaala told Mamavi on JoyNews’ AM Show that she understood where the concerns were coming from but she does not want an instant fame that only fades away after a while.

According to her, people were not open to her work when she began but after a few years marketing her music and craft outside the country she began getting the attention she wanted from her people.

“It just takes time, and I have been very patient and I am still patient. I don’t want to come in, get the fame and disappear all of a sudden.

“I am taking my time and I am slowly gaining people’s likes, and that is how I actually planned it with my team,” Wiyaala stated.

The ‘Leno‘ singer said that although the music business is centred in Accra, only a few people have been left to invest in it with some wanting to enjoy the music for free.

“At the end of the day artistes get the hype but they hardly get proceeds.

“But I know Ghanaians appreciate my music…they go online, download my song, not for free. Most of my songs are have been discovered,” she said.

Wiyaala added that her social media following have also grown in the past years indicating that she and her team are on the right path.

“I just want to do good music, serious music, something I can always look up to, years to come, and still be proud of it – real music, what the talent really show.”

“When I was doing that I knew people were not going to recognize me quickly but I just said I am going to hang in there, with time it’s a process, and I am also learning and developing and I think it working,” she stated.