The young man who was slapped by actress Afia Schwarzenegger during her father’s funeral, has broken his silence.

In an interview with Oheneba Media, the man, only known as Kwesi, said he has become a laughing stock in his community with people questioning why he allowed a woman to slap him.

Telling his side of the story amid tears, Kwesi explained that he was invited to the funeral by some of his friends as a member of the band that played music for the event.

Kwesi stated that it is the norm for bandsmen to pick up money sprayed on the dancefloor at funerals and other events.

On the said day, he recounted that he earlier, on three occasions picked money from the floor alongside one other member of the band and that did not raise any eyebrows.

Hence, it was on the fourth occasion when Afia Schwarzenegger slapped him on the face. 

The victim stated that he was shocked to the bone about what happened, especially since after the event people are making fun of him.

The incident occurred last weekend when radio and TV personality, Afia Schwarzenegger, held a funeral service for her late father at the KNUST gardens in Kumasi.

In the video posted on Instagram, Afia Schwarzenegger was on the dancefloor with some friends and family who were spraying cash on her.

While dancing, a young man joined them on the floor. Although it is unclear, at the time, what he attempted to do, many people on social media speculated that he may have attempted to pick some of the currency notes because he was seen bending.

Later, Afia Schwarzenegger said he was caught forcibly taking money from one of her sisters who was picking money.

However, Kwesi vehemently denied those allegations stating that he did not in any way abuse anyone on the funeral grounds.

He explained that when he bent to pick some money, he saw another lady picking them up. He then asked her if she was picking the money for the band as well.

But, because of the loud music, Kwesi said she did not make out what he said.

Sisters of Kwesi, during the interview demanded an apology from Afia Schwarzenegger on behal of their brother because he did not deserve that treatment.