Veronica Bekoe is the inventor of the Veronica Bucket

Since the coronavirus pandemic hit the country, Veronica Buckets have become very popular and yet many people do not know the inventor nor the story behind it.

Thus, the inventor of the popular Veronica Buckets says it is unfortunate she gave up the fight to get the buckets patented when she could.

Speaking on Joy FM’s Personality Profile on Thursday, Veronica Bekoe said she was advised by a friend who lived outside the country to patent the product nearly 15 years after she invented it.

However, the processes involved in getting the patent was frustrating, the retired Biological Scientist said.

She added that with her work on the side, she forgot to follow up after some attempts.

“I did not put any commercial value on it, it was to solve a problem in the laboratory which I was able to achieve, and that was enough for me. It was on the quite known only within the ministry of health,” she said.

“I don’t know whether the patent process was structured as it is now. It was frustrating for me. I didn’t have time to be going in and out of that office because i had work to do so i gave up, forgot about it.”

Madam Veronica said although she has enquired about getting a patent recently she has been told it is too late.

“I have tried several times to get some lawyers on board and everybody kept telling me that it wasn’t possible at this time, I even went to the Registrar General myself and I was told that it was late. it is unfortunate but it has happened.”

Madam Veronica added that although she wishes she had gotten a different reaction, not patenting the product does not bother her after witnessing the impact it has had over the years.

She stated that many people because of the buckets have jobs and are earning money from their production and sales.

However, she said that missing out on the intellectual property hurts.

“I believe in destiny, whatever is mine, I know will eventually come. I may be upset that things have turned and people have made millions out of my inventions but I am not bitter.”

Madam Veronica said that she also currently produces some of the buckets for sales adding that if it is not too late she would appreciate if government and the public purchase some buckets from her.

“Now I produce hands free ones (veronica buckets). They work with foot pedals.”